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Gifts are expressions of love and appreciation.
Give and receive the perfect present. Show your love!


In order to live a balanced and happy life it’s good to be surrounded by things we love and things that give us pleasure. To help you do exactly that, we’ve come up with a brand new tool that lets you take all the things available online that you’d love to own or to receive as presents and store them in one place.

Why PresOnt?

People give presents to make one another happy and bring joy. Presents are an expression of love and appreciation.
How many presents have you received that ended up hidden away, out of reach on the top shelf of your closet or buried at the back of a bottom drawer, taking up valuable space and collecting dust because they’re things you never wanted, never used and never liked?
And, have you ever spent precious time and money choosing a present for someone you care about, only to discover some time later they didn’t like it at all, and never even took it out of the box?
Imagine you were one of those gifts, lonely and abandoned, hiding away from your owner with no meaning in your life. Let’s face it, it’s better to let those presents go and make room for new ones – things you’re proud to call your own, that you’ll actually use and take care of.

PresOnt offers you a great place to collect, save and display everything you’d like to buy or would love to receive on your birthday/baby shower/kids’ birthday or any other occasion where loved ones and friends traditionally give gifts as a token of love and affection.
Let them find out without telling them yourself!
By enabling you to collect together all the items you’d like to own and share, PresOnt avoids the uncomfortable situation of having to tell people exactly what type of gift you’d really like to be given.
It’s not only a wonderful way of letting people know what you want and need without telling them directly, it also lets you discover what other people like and care about. So, you can show your love in a way they’ll truly appreciate.

How it works

Sign up! Download the browser extension. Open any item you like in the online shop and push the extension button on your browser. Or copy paste the URL in URL box. Et voila! It´s already on your list.

Whenever you get a present or buy one for someone else you can archive it. Or, if you don’t like it anymore, you can delete it from your list forever.

Search for friends by typing their full name or number in Search window.
things you really like!
It´s an easy way to share the kind of things you like with friends, so they’ll know the perfect presents to get for you or your family. And it also makes it easy for YOU to choose the perfect present for the ones you love.
Always give and receive the perfect present! Because it matters!

For a balanced life and a tidy house, surround yourself only with things that bring you joy and make you happy! Things that are hidden out of sight because they don´t make you happy would, if they were human, feel sad as well for being ignored and unloved. So let them go to make room for the